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In my wellbeing-focussed events, I bring together different members of the community like local organic farmers, fitness and yoga experts, mindfulness practitioners, art therapists, environmental education experts, ergonomics companies and other service providers.


Snapshot of my wellness activities for schools:-

    • Wellness Week

    • Parental engagement sessions

    • Educational workshops for children on healthy food habits

    • Survey for parents to assess the needs of implementing specific programmes

    • Staff wellness awareness sessions

    • Healthy eating and life style counseling for the support staff –health  awareness camp in labour accommodation

    • Farmers’ Markets and Microgreenworkshops.

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Through my programmes, I support employees in incorporating routines and practices at home and office, built on the five pillars for health-food habits, exercise, stress response, sleep and social connections. It is not just the employees that are covered by my programmers, their families as well, for an employee cannot be happy, if his family is not healthy and happy.


I give them the tools and knowledge in integrative Nutrition that helps them to engage in their personal and professional lives with more energy and positivity. This I believe can empower them with preventive self-care knowledge, take ownership for their health and happiness, improve workplace productivity and bring down Employee Benefit costs over a period of time.


What makes my workshops different?


Creative, engaging workshops that foster social interactions.


I do not want to bore people by talking at length on healthy food habits. In my events, I engage people and ensure that they take home a few simple things which they can start implementing immediately.


What I do for corporates:

  • Health & Wellness Surveys and identifying needs.-Survey for HR and Employees

  • Educational workshops on different topics –through events that foster social connections and community feeling in the office.

  • Organizing  Health Carnivals quarterly or on an annual basis

  • Organizing local offsite retreats

  • Smoothie stations in office

  • Contests and challenges like Fitness challenge month, 21 day sugar free challenge, 21 day coffee detox challenge

  • Need based campaigns-sleep awareness month, Environmental awareness month-( factors affecting health and performance-Indoor air quality, ergonomics, environmental toxins, de-cluttering, enhancing energy at work station)

  • Specific events –Diabetes day, World Heart Day, World Cancer Day , Breast cancer awareness month

  • Driving employee engagement in wellness programs-rewards, mailers

  • Individual employee health coaching sessions

  • Yoga/mindfulness sessions, meditation, art therapy, and Zumba.

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Women’s Wellbeing


Women donning multiple roles as  wife, mother, busy executive, care taker of elderly at home, lacking time for self-care , constantly under the anxiety of striking work-life balance, working hard to shape their career and satisfy their career aspirations, could be vulnerable to lifestyle issues .


Hidden guilt feelings of not being able to attend  meetings and functions at the kids’ school with work and deadlines keeping them busy , busy traffic and long commuting hours to office, lack of time to whip up healthy meals, leaves them stressed, unsatisfied and depressed. It is this state of neither here nor there that affects their physical and emotional well being.

It is not uncommon to see working women suffering from adrenal fatigue, autoimmune disorders, and hormonal issues like sluggish Thyroid, elevated cortisol levels and estrogen overload. Stress and anxiety causes sugar cravings, mood swings, weight issues, pre-diabetes, sleep issues.  Infertility and PCOD are other issues that affect them. Mis-fired hormones have to be healed, fixed and reset.


I myself had been through a stressful period of adrenal burn out, high blood pressure and ovarian cysts. I came out of all this with changes in food and lifestyle habits. Hence I am committed to help women heal through women wellbeing programmes.

This  includes  workshops on hormonal health,  the significance of Incorporating rituals that can develop into powerful habits  to achieve wellness goals, Yoga and mindfulness, beating sugar cravings, healthy detox, energy healing,   building awareness on going toxic free with skin and beauty care, good sleep and time management seminars and  healthy cooking in a snap sessions. Depending on the requirement, programmes can be customized further to include coffee morning sessions for mothers , who are unable to attend the parental engagement sessions in schools focusing on wellbeing issues of kids and on raising healthy and happy children.