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“I’ve known Russ for 6 years.​
At the age of 74, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and needed a double hip replacement.

Working with Russ and doing as he advised me over the years, my prostate cancer has receded and I have thus far avoided any surgery for my hips or prostate. I’m a healthy weight with little to no discomfort or negative symptoms.

​Observing the peers of my age, whom I’ve known all my life, they have all succumbed to degenerative health, many have had hip replacements, with often decreased mobility. Had prostate surgery or chemo for their prostates with negative side effects which has affected them badly. Many now have Parkinsons’ or Dementia. They all get ill often with infections from  COVID, and other infections. I experience little to none of these issues and remain mobile, and healthy.

I am so appreciative of Russ’s advice and skills."

Mr Geoff Harrington, 79 yrs old, Essex.

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