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Russ Maher - Life Doula.

Vocationally Dedicated To Reduce Suffering.


Hello, I'm Russ Maher, the driving force behind BeingWell.Me and an Independent Registered Nurse, brings together over three decades of nursing expertise with a pioneering approach to holistic wellness. With a BSc (Hons) in Cardiac Care and qualifications as an Advanced Life Support (ALS) instructor, my career spans esteemed sectors such as the NHS Blood Transfusion Service, Police, Prison, Fire Services, Armed Forces, NHS Specialist Services, and various private sector institutions. Throughout my journey, I've underscored the critical importance of microbiome health and cellular mitochondrial function, fundamental to achieving vitality, well-being, and optimal health.

The genesis of BeingWell.Me represents the culmination of my life's work, aimed at guiding individuals toward enhanced well-being and health optimization. Informed by 25 years of immersion in complementary ancestral health wisdom and extensive studies in nutrition, plant medicines, acupuncture, kinesiology, NLP, breathwork, and more, my holistic approach delves into the intricate relationships between gut health, stem cell optimization, cellular mitochondrial functionality, and DNA repair.

Through BeingWell.Me, I've meticulously crafted specialized programs focusing on Gut Microbiome, Stem Cell Optimization, and DNA Repair. These programs not only empower individuals on their wellness journey but also integrate LifeWave's medication-free photosensitive patch technologies, reflecting my commitment to embracing cutting-edge advancements in the wellness industry while staying true to my holistic health philosophy.

As an Independent Registered Nurse and the creator of BeingWell.Me, my core services and approach encompass:

**Health and Wellness Integration**:

Leveraging my extensive holistic nursing, and natural medicine background, I offer a unique blend of emotional, spiritual, and physical health support, striving for a harmonious balance between mind, body, and spirit.

**Empathetic Support with Medical Insight**:

Drawing on my extensive nursing expertise, I provide nurturing care enriched with medical insights, ensuring clients receive support that is both empathetic and informed.

**Personalized Wellness Plans**:

I design tailored wellness plans addressing the unique needs and goals of each client, including strategies for stress management, health monitoring, lifestyle adjustments, and more.

**Holistic Life Transition Guidance**:

Recognizing the profound impact of life transitions on health, I offer holistic guidance through various changes, serving as a listener, self-care advocate, and healthcare system navigator.


 **Advocacy and Resource Connection**:

I advocate for clients across different settings, assisting in navigating the healthcare system, connecting with medical professionals, and accessing supportive resources.

**Educator and Counsellor**:

Through BeingWell.Me, I empower clients with knowledge and skills in health and wellness, stress coping, decision-making, and personal growth.

In essence, my mission as the creator of BeingWell.Me and an experienced nurse is to provide a comprehensive, empathetic, and informed support system, merging professional nursing with the holistic, personalized care typical of life doula services. My dedication lies in reducing suffering and fostering resilience, well-being, and empowerment, guiding individuals toward a more balanced and fulfilling life journey.

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