About Me



Wellbeing programs/events:


In my wellbeing programs, I bring together different members of the community like local organic farmers, fitness and yoga experts, mindfulness practitioners, art therapists......>>


Through my programmes, I support employees in incorporating routines and practices at home and office, built on the five pillars for health-food habits, exercise, stress response...>>

Women's Wellbeing

Women donning multiple roles as  wife, mother, busy executive, care taker of elderly at home, lacking time for self-care , constantly under the anxiety of striking work-life balance...>>


I grew up in a family interested in food, farming, and music. Some of my earliest and fondest memories are of growing vegetables in our garden at home, and even stopping by the local vegetable shop in the morning on the way to school to stuff my lunch box with raw veggies.  Summer vacations were spent with my maternal grandparents’ place in Kerala , which had a huge backyard with pumpkin patches, lemon and mango tree groves , plantains and all kinds of beneficial herbs.

There was a turning point in my life when I had to re-look at my nutrition and lifestyle. Many things drove me to the wall –my highly energetic four year old, my stressed out response to his pranks, anxieties about raising him, my career aspirations and difficulties in pursuing a full time career after the birth of my son. The additional responsibilities that came up with motherhood were perceived by me as something stressful. Over a period of time, I  experienced adrenal fatigue and burnout, and ended up having a inflamed body and mind. Cervical Spondylosis, ovarian cyst, high blood pressure –I came under multiple attacks at the same time.

Thanks to the timely intervention of my brother, a Holistic Health Coach - his recommendations on taking adaptogens, juicing, green smoothies, all went well with me.  This re-kindled my passion to learn more about leading a healthier life.

Something that upset me most was that I was on blood pressure medication. One fine day, after my regular visit to the doctor , I told the pharmacist that I would never come back to get the medicine for BP. So strong was I in my decision that I decided to create more awareness in myself and incorporate healthier changes, that would reverse my high blood pressure.


A formal education, I thought would benefit me. Soon I began my journey with Institute of Integrative Nutrition. The education I received there provided me with valuable insights into the healing capacity of food and to see my health as integrated to my immediate environment, different areas of life, attitudes and beliefs.


When I was healed naturally, I thought I must pass on what I have learnt and what benefitted me to transform people around me. Thus began my journey as a Wellbeing Educator.

I reside in Dubai with my husband, and teenage son.


My passion to transform lives


I began my  work, first with schools. I was inspired by the belief that positive shifts towards healthier food and lifestyle choices and be brought in the children when they are young and can have a lasting impact throughout their lives. Besides, by engaging the parents, staff and management in these wellness initiatives, a wider awakening and awareness can be created in the community.

There is an emerging trend in the people looking for alternative options like modifications in diet and lifestyle rather than swallowing pills or rushing to the clinic to cure minor ailments or to reverse metabolic disorders. Education and coaching are the key factors here to plug in the gaps in the thought processes towards well-being and realization of health goals.

Hence besides educational institutions, I collaborate with corporate entities and organizations in getting the messages across to more people. By achieving physical, mental and social well being, an individual will be well equipped to lead a life in harmony –in harmony with oneself and with the rest of the world around him or her.

What is satisfying in this journey is through my  wellness engagements, I am able to connect with all my passions and interests-PR and Media Relations   ( I have spent well over a decade in corporate communication and PR ) Yoga, farming, radio talk shows, healthy eating, besides networking with people, speaking and writing on wellness issues.