Our YOUTH are our future.

With them we can feel lost.

Without them we are lost.

Knowing what to teach them that will best serve them, and us, into our future is key to our communities and nations success.


BeingWell.Me believes that domestic Soil crop  production, preserving and preparation of food is essential to our future Health and Wellbeing.

BeingWell.Me creates and collaborates with established networks with the intention of adding value.

BeingWell.Me offers gardening days, project involvement, workshops, seminars, retreats sand certificated courses, to inspire the aspirations of all.

YOUTH networks can include Home Education groups, girl guide/boy scout, cadet, youth centres, schools, colleges and universities.

Establishing links and networks to better resource our communities and future generations.

BeingWell.Me believes in the currency of the future...

Our Communities.