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Cellular Nutrition,
Gut Health, & Well-Being 

   Unlock Your Potential for Optimal Health and

Lifelong Well-being 


Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey toward lasting health and well-being? Look no further! Your search ends here!

I am Russ Maher, and my dedication to relieving suffering and promoting well-being stems from personal experience and a deep sense of purpose.


The beginning of my journey was marked by a devastating tragedy within my family. It all started when my sister, Vanessa, experienced a vaccine injury at the tender age of two. The consequences were severe, with Vanessa enduring excruciating neurological symptoms that led to her becoming a long-term patient at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London for a gruelling 18-month period. Despite the tireless efforts of renowned paediatric specialists from around the world, Vanessa's condition worsened, and she eventually succumbed to a painful and lingering death at the age of four in 1978.

This profoundly tragic event had a profound impact on our family, completely altering the landscape of our lives and plunging us into a realm of grief that was unrecognizable. We were faced with numerous challenges as a result, including my father's battle with alcoholism and my mother's compassionate detachment from her remaining children.

Motivated by this profound personal experience, I devoted my life to relieving the suffering of as many people as possible. This calling led me to pursue a vocation as a critical care nurse, specializing not only in resuscitation and training professionals at the highest levels of medicine but also in caring for individuals in the community who had developed vaccine injuries and lived with significant disabilities, requiring round-the-clock acute and chronic care. Through years of study and bedside service, I gained a deep understanding of neurodivergence, epilepsy, and the crucial roles that mitochondrial uncoupling and microbiome health play in relieving symptoms and therefore reducing medication burden.

As a devoted father, I am driven by a fervent desire to educate my children on the importance of safeguarding their well-being and the health of the land and food they consume. My connection with nature has grown profound, nurtured by a deep love for the Earth and all its inhabitants. To deepen this connection, I have delved into a vast array of shamanic practices across the globe, seeking a deeper understanding of human health, the plants medicines available to us and profound communion with the natural wonders that surround us.

With unwavering dedication, I invest my time and resources into acquiring knowledge, sharing wisdom, and cultivating soil farms that serve as vibrant ecosystems brimming with vital nutrients. By deliberately creating micro-nutrient-rich soil, I not only enhance the fertility of the land and restore areas through active rewilding but also strive to elevate the quality of sustenance that nourishes my family. In doing so, I aim to reclaim the time-honored, ecologically sound farming techniques of our pre-industrial past, paving the way for a lasting legacy that resonates through the ages, transcending my own earthly existence.

Now, as a Critical Care and Advanced Life Support Specialist, Cellular & Gut Health Consultant, Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner, and Educator, I offer a comprehensive approach to health restoration and longevity.


Drawing upon my extensive experience, I blend the best of conventional and alternative modalities to guide you on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we will navigate a wide range of medical and nutritional approaches tailored to your unique needs, leading to remarkable improvements in your physical, emotional, and psychological well-being.

Imagine waking up each day with heightened vitality, increased energy levels, and a profound sense of well-being. This is the life that awaits you at BeingWell.Me.


I invite you to join me on this transformative journey, unlocking your true potential for optimal health and lifelong well-being.


Mrs Agugu, 80 yrs old,


I returned to London from seeing family in Nigeria with Malaria.

I was listless, malaise and unable to get out of bed.

My GP placed me on antibiotics for a week, with no change in my state. He then, tried another antibiotics for days with no change.

5 courses of separate antibiotics over 5 weeks, I was getting worse not better.

My son Magnus, spoke to Russ and informed him if the above. Russ recommended a probiotic for me to try. My son bought it, and itcwas delivered to my home.

Within 15 minutes of  taking it, I was filled with energy, I felt alive again and could get out of bed and reclaim my health and life.

I'm so grateful for Russ's help and take the probiotic whenever I feel unwell.

May the Lord bless this young man and his willingness to share his knowledge.

Clive 21 yrs old, Sussex

I’m an epileptic, suffering 20 plus multiple type seizures a day. I had no quality of life, due to my seizures, and on many medications. Russ came into my life and advised me and my family on gut health.

I started Russ’s health advice and within weeks my seizures became less frequent. I felt better, less tired, and less fearful.


I had decreased brain fog and my clarity increased. I went to my GP and was able to reduce some of my medication. I’m able to do some activities and healthy exercise I couldn’t before. All this also keeps my seizures under better control.

In short, I reclaimed more of my life and can now focus better. I still have epilepsy, but my seizures are far less problematic. I am able to support myself more now and I’m so grateful for that.

Geoff Harrington, 79 yrs old, Essex

I’ve known Russ for 6 years.
At the age of 74, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and needed a double hip replacement.

Working with Russ and doing as he advised me over the years, my prostate cancer has receded and I have thus far avoided any surgery for my hips or prostate. I’m a healthy weight with little to no discomfort or negative symptoms.

Observing the peers of my age, whom I’ve known all my life, they have all succumbed to degenerative health.

I experience none of these issues and remain mobile, and healthy.


I am so appreciative of Russ’s advice and insights.

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