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Service Description

Join us for our 12-Week BeingWell.Me Wellness Program, a comprehensive journey towards wellness, vitality, and optimal health. Delve into a transformative experience that empowers you to reclaim control of your well-being and embrace a life of vitality. Throughout the program, you'll work closely with dedicated wellness coaches who will provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs and goals. Explore a variety of holistic approaches including nutrition guidance, personalized exercise regimens, stress management techniques, and lifestyle adjustments designed to optimize your health from the inside out. Without the use of LifeWave Photosensitive Patches, our program focuses on harnessing the power of natural lifestyle interventions to support your journey towards optimal health. Through mindful nutrition choices, regular physical activity, adequate rest, and stress reduction practices, you'll lay the foundation for sustained well-being and vitality. As you progress through the 12 weeks, anticipate tangible improvements in your physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being. Experience increased energy levels, enhanced mood, and a renewed sense of vitality as you implement sustainable habits that promote long-term wellness. By committing to this transformative journey, you'll emerge empowered with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to cultivate a lifestyle that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit, unlocking your full potential for health and vitality.

Cancellation Policy

BeingWell.Me "OPTIMAL": 1. Membership Duration: - Minimum 3 months per BeingWell.Me terms. Subscription to "WELLNESS" Community & "VITALITY" Forum: 1 year. 2. Payment: - Monthly: £240 for consultations (£60/week). - Advance payment monthly/weekly. Methods: PayPal, cards, bank transfers. 3. Benefits: - Full web access. - Personalized plans. - Health assessments. - Unlimited Wellness info, Community, VITALITY Forums for 1 year. 4. Usage: - Adherence to rules mandatory. - Misuse may lead to termination. - Health info must be accurate. 5. Liability: - No liability for injuries except proven negligence. - Usage per instructions, consult healthcare if needed. 6. Confidentiality Policy: - Strict confidentiality. - Unauthorized disclosure prohibited. 7. Modifications: - Fees/terms subject to change with notice. 8. Termination: - Minimum 3-month Membership. - Reinitiating after initial period. 9. Refunds: - Non-refundable fees for initial 3 months. By signing, members agree to abide by terms.

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