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Long COVID/Vaccine Injured

When others give up, I start finding solutions.

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • Client Specific
  • Zoom Call

Service Description

Russ Maher, the founder of BeingWell.Me, is a beacon of hope for individuals who have experienced negative effects from vaccines. Unlike others who may give up on these individuals, Russ Maher listens, understands, and provides much-needed care for those who have been vaccine injured. With a background as an experienced Cardiac and Critical Care Nurse Senior Instructor and Lecturer, Russ possesses a deep understanding of the complex care needs of patients in the community who have been affected by vaccines. He specializes in treating both children and adults with various conditions and challenges, including NG Tubes, PEG/PEJ tubes, Tracheostomies, Suction devices, Catheters, CPAP/BiPAP/NiPPV machines, Intra-Venous treatments, PICC Lines, and those undergoing Physiotherapy and Passive Movements. Many patients under Russ's care suffer from Cardiac, Respiratory, and Neuro-divergent symptoms, which standard agency and community care providers, GPs, and Consultant Specialists have struggled to effectively address. These individuals often lack action plans or strategies to reduce symptoms or reliance on medications. However, Russ consistently delivers relief from symptoms and successfully helps reduce medication dependency for all his patients and clients. He achieves positive outcomes even in cases where both NHS and private medical resources have failed. Russ's approach goes beyond standard treatments and protocols. He genuinely listens to the unique needs of each individual, creating a safe space where concerns and fears can be expressed and understood. This profound difference in approach makes a significant impact on the lives of his patients and their loved ones. Through close collaboration with his patients, Russ develops personalized treatment plans that prioritize well-being and recovery. He combines his extensive medical knowledge with empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact. Russ's holistic approach encompasses not only the physical symptoms but also the emotional and mental well-being of his patients, ensuring a comprehensive and patient-centered healing process. If you or your loved ones have experienced negative effects from vaccines and have found yourselves without effective treatment options, Russ Maher is the person to turn to. With unwavering dedication, expertise, and a proven track record, he can provide the difference that has the potential to transform your present and future.

Cancellation Policy

BeingWell.Me "OPTIMAL": 1. Membership Duration: - Minimum 3 months per BeingWell.Me terms. Subscription to "WELLNESS" Community & "VITALITY" Forum: 1 year. 2. Payment: - Monthly: £240 for consultations (£60/week). - Advance payment monthly/weekly. Methods: PayPal, cards, bank transfers. 3. Benefits: - Full web access. - Personalized plans. - Health assessments. - Unlimited Wellness info, Community, VITALITY Forums for 1 year. 4. Usage: - Adherence to rules mandatory. - Misuse may lead to termination. - Health info must be accurate. 5. Liability: - No liability for injuries except proven negligence. - Usage per instructions, consult healthcare if needed. 6. Confidentiality Policy: - Strict confidentiality. - Unauthorized disclosure prohibited. 7. Modifications: - Fees/terms subject to change with notice. 8. Termination: - Minimum 3-month Membership. - Reinitiating after initial period. 9. Refunds: - Non-refundable fees for initial 3 months. By signing, members agree to abide by terms.

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