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"Our environment. food choices and current western culture are greater risk factors to our health. than the genetic familial group we are born into"


In the aftermath of World War II, the world was in a state of shock and grief. The corporations responsible for stockpiling weapons and petroleum gases for the war effort found themselves with a surplus of resources and a sudden lack of demand. Unwilling to be out of pocket, they quickly pivoted to new industries: pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and biotechnology.


To facilitate their new ventures, these corporations helped to create government organizations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the WHO (World Health Organization). They even went so far as to rebrand their war materials as "pharmaceuticals" and "agricultural substances." With the help of the newly-formed world powers, the FDA & WHO birthed the UN (United Nations,) in 1945, and then together the FDA, WHO and UN birthed the WTO (World Trade Organization), which required compliance with their standards in order for countries to trade between borders on the global stage. All WTO registered countries are required to meet the "guidelines" of "Codex Alimentarius".

Codex Alimentarius is sold to the world as a benign guideline, positioned to ensure efficacy and high standards of produce,  which are deemed healthy and in the public interest. Fully endorsed by the FDA, WHO and UN of course.


However,. should we reflect on the consequences of these Codex mandates and its institutional backers over the last 70 years, its clear this compliance has come at an extremely high cost.


Soil health and quality has deteriorated, with fish, mammal, bird, insect and plant species decimated to extinction , or near extinction.

Health care has been corporately monotonized with international health services only licensed to prescribe corporate pharmaceuticals. Research is biased to favour corporate hypothesis regardless of the unconscionable  detriment to those receiving the treatments created, and mainstream media, financed by the same corporate interests, either fail to cover the truth, or deliberately spread misinformation to appease public dissention.


The result is people have only gotten sicker, suffering from otherwise treatable diseases is pandemic, and often the pharmaceutical side effects treating a disease are worse than the disease symptoms alone. We spend more on pharmaceuticals than we do on war, and the profits made from the public health agenda, paid for by the public are kept as corporate profit, and not  redistributed to the public purse.


But there is hope. There is a way to support our biological reality as human beings on this earth, without any negative side effects. By giving our bodies the right ingredients to heal themselves, we can break free from the cycle of Big Pharma and Big AgriBiz. It's time to take control of our health and well-being, and embrace a new way forward.

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