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My Journey

My life's work has been shaped by the tragic loss of my beloved sister Vanessa, who passed away at the young age of 4, due to a rare brain cancer triggered by a childhood vaccine. Witnessing the pain and suffering that she and my family endured propelled me on a journey towards healing and wellness, which has spanned over three decades.

As a critical care and emergency medicine professional for over 30 years, I have seen the devastating toll that illness and injury can take on the human body and mind. But it was Vanessa's experience that ignited a burning desire within me to help others avoid the pain and suffering that she, I and my family went through.

Throughout my career, I have been privileged to have been taught by, and in my turn teach and train some of the most talented medical professionals in the world. I have shared my expertise on recognizing, preventing, and treating cardiorespiratory arrest and have served as an advanced life support instructor to the Resuscitation Council UK, providing acute clinical training to the NHS, Armed Forces, Police, Fire Services, Private Health Care, Psychiatric and General.

However, I have always felt that there had to be a better way to promote healing and well-being, to avoid patient admissions and promote human health.. I have gone beyond the traditional boundaries of western medicine to explore new modalities of healing and wellness. This includes specialised care for those who have been vaccine injured in the community, as well as studying many alternative medical and nutritional modalities.

Through my extensive studies, I have discovered the pathways that consistently deliver better and more sustainable results without negative side effects. I have actioned and witnessed these practices repeatedly complement current treatments and prescriptions, leading to relief from negative symptoms and commonly a reduction in patient medication. Additionally, they  promote significant physical, emotional, and psychological improvements, such as increased vitality, energy, wellness, and well-being, alleviation of psychological stress, as well as psychiatric and neurodivergent disorders

In my experience, true healing and wellness must involve a holistic approach that addresses the needs of the whole person, not just their physical symptoms. As a restorative health consultant, I use my knowledge and experience to help others find the path towards healing, wellness, and a better quality of life. I am dedicated to continuing my vocation, inspired by the memory of my sister Vanessa, and committed to helping others avoid the pain and suffering of my family experience.

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