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Marc Ely

Industry Scaffold

I am a devoted family man and a proud father of two. With over 20 years of experience in the scaffolding industry, I have spent the last decade as the Managing Director of my own scaffolding business. While I have been successful in my career, my true passion lies in making the world a better place.

My mission is to create homesteads and promote a more traditional family way of life, free from modern distractions. I believe in learning to live off the land and preserving our connection to nature. As a huge advocate for the great outdoors, I am passionate about all outdoor activities, and I have led many hiking and camping expeditions with my family.

In addition to spending time with my loved ones, I also enjoy giving back to the community. I have led groups of children on volunteer clean-up missions at local rivers, making good deeds fun and inspiring the next generation to care for our planet.

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