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Jennie Penkul

Honours Degree in Counselling


People come to me when they are looking for support or a means to regain wellness, often when they are at the darkest of times. As well as seeing clients who have a broad spectrum of issues I specialise in working with people who have body image issues and where possible with their families. I have personal experience of this within my family and I understand some of the complexities of this very debilitating disorder.

There is more information about the way I work with individuals on my other website:

I work using an integrative approach, which means that I draw on different forms of therapy, depending on what is most beneficial to my client and the issues he or she wishes to explore. I view the person as a whole, not just as their presenting problem, my approach therefore recognises and addresses all four dimensions of humanity, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual.

These days my work is evolving to be much more holistic, because I have learnt that unless we address the whole being we are missing important elements in the healing and wellness process.

I am passionate about the need to support young people to overcome psychological difficulties as quickly as possible so that they can live their lives to the full.

Training, qualifications & experience
I have an honours degree in Counselling from Anglia Ruskin University and I have been working in private practice for twenty-four years. I have taken many further courses and my personal experience of body image disorders and their impact on the individual and the family has made this a particular passion of mine.

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