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Danny Williams


Creator, Founder & CEO  

ReWilding & Soil Consultant

Danny Williams is a dedicated family man and father of three who has been working as a scaffolder for over 15 years. Alongside his work, he is also a passionate gardener, with a particular focus on soil health and rewilding. Danny has spent most of his life planning, creating, and growing his own food, having been taught by his grandparents and developing a deep understanding of the rhythms and seasons of the year.

Danny is acutely aware of the negative changes that have occurred in our land and food production systems, and he is committed to improving the quality of food for his family and community. He is an advocate for sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices, and his knowledge and expertise in gardening and soil health have earned him a reputation as a specialist in his field.

In addition to his work in gardening and scaffolding, Danny is also involved in community outreach programs that aim to promote sustainable agriculture and improve access to healthy, locally grown food. He believes that everyone has the right to nutritious and delicious food, and he is committed to doing his part to make this a reality.

Overall, Danny Williams is a dedicated and passionate individual who has made it his life's mission to improve the quality of food and promote sustainable agriculture practices in his community.

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