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At BeingWell.Me, we are committed to addressing important social issues and using our expertise in food creation to make a positive impact. We are establishing a new soil and food creation company and a Company Interest Charity (CIC) that will focus on alleviating hunger, ill health, and malnutrition. Additionally, we will promote rewilding efforts to help restore ecosystems and biodiversity.

Our primary goal is to create and distribute food, educate the public on creating micro-nutrient-rich soil and growing crops that directly support mitochondrial uncoupling and DNA repair, which are essential for maintaining good health. We believe that by empowering individuals, families, and communities with this knowledge, we can help heal physical, psychological, and behavioral dis-ease.

In addition to our soil and food creation, we are also seeding multi-media platforms to promote and support traditional artisan skills, hobbies, and past times.

We plan to establish polyclinics that attract and support alternative healers and therapists who can provide treatments to support the public's well-being and mitochondrial uncoupling and DNA repair. We also plan to create meeting hubs to organize, strategize, and coordinate community interest agendas related to rewilding, soil health, food production, and human health.

Once we have established proof of concept, within Essex UK, and the above has been proven to work, we plan to create DBS-checked BeingWell.Me ambassadors to seed new Soil Farms, Family and Community Food security Gardens, and Polyclinics. These ambassadors will be trained and certificated to educate and empower communities on soil health, crop production, rewilding, and mitochondrial uncoupling and DNA repair.

We have decided to create a Company Interest Charity, to fund and develop new soil and food production farms and support initiatives that promote healthy eating habits and rewilding efforts. By being involved in the charity, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to addressing important social issues and leverage our expertise in food creation and natural health solutions to make a positive impact on human and environmental well-being.

This is a long-term vision to establish well run, professional and enduring community collaborations, which over the coming years and decades, we hope shall provide the essential needs of all whom live upon the Earth.

We call upon gardeners, therapists, healers, artisans, volunteers, space and land owners wishing to show interest to register interest on our Support the CIC application page. We are sincerely grateful and thank you for taking the time to read the above, and welcome the opportunity to collaborate and experience your involvement.

Russell Maher

CEO BeingWell.Me

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