Health Coaching

My women-oriented individual coaching for women focusses on specific health related challenges that I myself have navigated successfully.

  • Do you suffer from hormonal imbalances –Estrogen dominance, low/hyper thyroid function,  and elevated cortisol levels?

  • Do you have these issues-painful periods, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), early menopausal symptoms, joint pains?

  • Do you find it hard to lose weight, have recurrent headaches, feel frequently fatigued and drained out, moody and depressed?

  • Do you often compromise on nutrition, exercise and quality sleep and find hard to make time for yourself?

  • Do suppressed emotions and feelings give way to sugar cravings and binge eating?

  • Do you want to openly talk to someone about the conflicts, challenges, thought processes, and struggles in your wellness journey?

If you are looking for support in any of these areas, I invite you for a free initial consultation with me to explore how I can support you with your health goals and challenges.