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As a child I developed a passion for gardening and wildlife, always watching and listening to  my great grandma and grandad.

I would love to spend hours watching the toads in the pond and the water boatman skeet across the surface.  From a young age knew I was connected to nature.

As an adult I have continued my passion for gardens with multiple allotments and helping many families set up productive food gardens, guiding and advising them As to which crops will grow in which soils to gain the best results.

I have continued to evolve this passion into rewilding of forest areas. Planting crops, herbs, and fruits native to the areas involved. All to boost the natural habitats of native species, insects, bees, bats, and birds. All aligned with the core values of BeingWell.Me.

I have also found great joy in creating child-friendly gardens, which fulfill the needs of those, most challenged, by disability and mental health.