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Cadiac & Diabetic 

As Russell Maher RN, BSc (Hons) Cardiac NMC Registered Nurse, DBS Checked, Senior Clinician, Instructor Lecturer, and ACLS Instructor, my program, BeingWell.Me, embodies a commitment to holistic well-being with a specific focus on cardiovascular health and diabetes management. Stepping beyond conventional medical constraints, I provide a sanctuary where individuals with cardiac and diabetes concerns not only find their voices heard but also have their struggles validated.

Here are key aspects and benefits of my program:

Client-Centered Cardiovascular Care:

Through my extensive experience and expertise, I ensure a client-centered approach, recognizing the importance of going beyond surface-level symptoms for a comprehensive understanding of cardiovascular health.

Holistic Approach to Diabetes Management:

Leveraging my background as a Cardiac NMC Registered Nurse, I delve into the underlying causes of diabetes symptoms, offering a holistic perspective on diabetes care.

Gut Health Optimization for Diabetes:

Drawing on my knowledge, I emphasize the impact of gut health on energy levels, nutrient absorption, and its crucial role in blood sugar control, supporting effective diabetes management.

Nutrition and Hormonal Balance in Cardiovascular Health:

With my expertise, I highlight the interplay of nutrition and hormonal equilibrium for individuals with cardiovascular concerns, promoting heart health and overall well-being.

Blood Sugar Control for Diabetes:

Utilizing my skills, I stress the role of improved nutrition in maintaining controlled blood sugar levels, contributing to a healthier metabolism for individuals dealing with diabetes.

Cardiovascular Benefits:

As a Senior Clinician and Instructor Lecturer, I provide insights into the real connection between a healthy gut and heart health, offering valuable guidance on maintaining cardiovascular well-being.

Guardians Against Cardiovascular and Diabetes Complications:

Leveraging my expertise, I position the trifecta of mitochondrial health, DNA repair mechanisms, and balanced hormonal levels as protective measures against complications associated with cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

Optimized Physical Performance and Joint Health for Diabetic Individuals:

With my background, I promote peak physical performance and support healthy bones and joints through well-balanced nutrition, tailored specifically for those with diabetes.

Holistic Transformation with a Focus on Cardiac and Diabetes Wellness:

As a dedicated ACLS Instructor, I present BeingWell.Me as a comprehensive program that ensures balance, vitality, and fulfillment, addressing the unique needs of individuals dealing with cardiac and diabetes concerns under my guidance.

Through my diverse skill set and experience, I aim to provide a tailored and integrative approach to well-being, meeting the distinct challenges faced by individuals with cardiac and diabetes concerns.

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