Russ Maher Restorative Health Practitioner,
RN BSc (Hons) Cardiac, 
Breathwork & NLP 
Life Coach


I’ve had a thirty-year career as a cardiac and critical care specialist nurse. During this time, I’ve guided thousands of my NHS patients and colleagues on the road to best health.

As a consultant instructor and lecturer to the NHS and allied health services, I had increasing concerns about the integrity and implications of over-prescribing and the limitations of the existing healthcare system.

As a result of this and of the detrimental impact on my own health and that of my colleagues, of being within a system that does not investigate or promote adequate or appropriate health information, I decided to use my acquired knowledge to offer patients, colleagues, and clients an alternative route to wellness. I discovered first-hand how health can be restored through improvements made to an often-overlooked aspect of our bodies – such as nutrition, our gut bacteria, and the power our cells have to rejuvenate and repair.

In my work with clients, I demonstrate how the close connection between the physical gut and the psychological mind dictates our behaviour and therefore our well-being.

For example, by ‘hacking’ our gut microbiome to work in tune with our digestion, we can positively influence our hormones. As we are hormonally driven creatures, making changes to our gut bacteria directly influence our taste buds, food choices and as a result our meal choices.

Modifications to our gut biome can radically increase the production of the mood-enhancing hormones that reach our brain, which in turn helps to drive healthy thoughts. This directly affects our behaviour, which allows us to function more healthily.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and socialising with friends. Currently I’m based in Essex and have strong connections in Sussex.

I’ve studied and practiced as an accomplished body-worker – a Neuro-linguistic Practitioner and have followed a nutrition path for the past 25 years. I’m passionate about the health and well-being of people and the planet and I collaborate with other like-minded professionals on several projects that support these values.

I have recently created a soil farm, a business to networking space, sustainable garden, a mushroom farm, and a community education garden where we demonstrate the benefits of organic soil cultivation to school-age children and their parents.