Setting the table for healthy eating in schools

Nutrition education should help children develop a long-lasting positive relationship with food. However, nutrition education is yet to be part of the wellness agenda in many schools. Schools do provide healthy lunches and conduct yoga and mindfulness programmes. When it comes to promoting healthy more

Khaleej Times, October 31, 2016     by  Priya Arjun

Talking nutrition to teenagers

How to broach the subject of nutrition to teenagers? Teens get into the habit of staying up late, having late night dinners and indulging in unhealthy snacking. The reasons could more

Khaleej TimesFebruary 5, 2017   by  Priya Arjun

Wellness education: Everything begins at home

When food choices and lifestyle practices at home conflict with what schools are teaching about nutrition and well-being, it may hinder the efforts schools are putting in. There are various reasons behind this: Food as reward , negative role
models, increasing dependence on convenience foods and mindless more

Khaleej TimesAugust 31, 2016    by  Priya Arjun

Obese children: How parents can play a supportive role

A few schools are working towards transformation through wellness workshops, healthier food options and diverse fitness programmes. Still, there is a gap because of treat-fuelled events like birthday parties at fast food outlets, venues such more

Khaleej TimesApril 2, 2017     by  Priya Arjun

Master the art of raising
emotionally strong kids

"Raising an emotionally healthy child means raising a happy and confident child. He or she is caring, has deep attentive listening skills and is sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. A child with emotional intelligence is not hesitant to seek help in times of difficulties," said Priya Arjun, a holistic wellness more

Khaleej TimesDecember 11, 2016     by  Priya Arjun

Right Nutrition is a must in college campuses

Sandwiched between exam pressures, project submission deadlines, peer pressure, social life and club activities, and college kids face difficulty in managing time effectively. Healthy eating takes a back seat and they tend to skip regular more

Khaleej Times, May 15, 2017     by  Priya Arjun