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About Me

I am Russ Maher, an experienced professional with over three decades of expertise as a registered nurse (RN), BSc (Hons) Cardiac, and Advanced Life Support (ALS) instructor. Additionally, I serve as a senior clinician and freelance lecturer, specializing in well-being, vitality, and optimal health.


Throughout my career, I have contributed to prestigious institutions such as the NHS, Police, Fire, Armed Forces, and private sectors, emphasizing the significance of understanding and addressing microbiome and cellular mitochondrial health implications.

As the founder of BeingWell.Me, I am dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey toward well-being and optimal health. Drawing from 25 years of studying complementary ancestral health wisdom and practitioner studies, including nutrition, plant medicines, acupuncture, kinesiology NLP, breathwork, and more, I explore their relationship with gut health, stem cell optimisation, cellular mitochondrial functioning, and DNA repair.

Through meticulous refinement, I have developed specialized Gut Microbiome, Stem Cell Optimisation, and DNA Repair Programs aimed at empowering individuals on their wellness journey. Moreover, I integrate LifeWave medication-free photosensitive patch technologies into my transformative well-being programs, aligning with their innovative contributions to the well-being industry.

Whether individuals are dealing with medical diagnoses, medication-related side effects, or seeking overall well-being enhancement, I provide guidance to embark on a journey towards better health and a fulfilling life. By combining my extensive clinical, nursing, and holistic health background with cutting-edge technology, I am committed to offering a genuine holistic approach 

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